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Ebola Outbreak Latest News

"World Ministries understands how to train church leaders in a process that multiplies disciplemaking churches across our world."  The Late Dr. Howard Hendricks, Distinguished Professor Emeritus Dallas Theological Seminary

When Liberia emerged from years of civil war in 2003, the under five child mortality rate stood at 110 per every 1000 live births.  The U.N. Children's Fund reports that number decreased to 75 per 1000 live births in 2012, though still the highest rate of decline in child mortality rate in Africa. more

Dyonah Thomas partners with WM in Liberia to provide ebola relief.

World Ministries (a 501C3 organization) is incorporated as "World Ministries a  New Jersey Non-ProfitCorporation".  Our offices are now located in Leesburg Florida.